One of the first actions we have taken over the past 15 years when assembling teams, addressing burnout, addressing tension between employees, Critical Position Hiring, or dealing with low productivity employees is to utilize Kolbe to assess individuals natural instincts to make sure that they are placed in a position where they can work with their natural strengths and not against them. 

We believe that when there is a people issue it is first the managements issue to try and resolve and not the employee's. What we mean is this, have you done all you can you do to ensure that this employee is set up for success? That means have you actually spent the time to work with them and try and find out what they are naturally good at? 

In todays work force more than ever we need to do as Patrick Lencioni says and focus on making sure our employees are known, relevant, and measured and to do that we need to put effort into them. Kolbe is an amazing tool to get employees satisfaction and productivity levels through the roof. 

We have in house Certified Kolbe Consultants to help you take your employee experience next level.

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