Need Help Getting Through the Storm?

For over a decade and a half, Ken has been the guiding compass for businesses navigating through turbulent waters. From managing ownership transitions, restructuring management, and spearheading new divisions, to overcoming rapid growth challenges, profitability hiccups, and cultural shifts, Ken has worn the hat of a 'crisis-time CEO'. His modus operandi? Steer the ship until calm waters are reached, set a successor in his stead, and then seek the next challenge.

Today, he's channeled his expertise into assisting a multitude of businesses, optimizing the diverse strengths each one possesses. We recognize that not every company requires a complete overhaul. Some might need nuanced adjustments in specific areas, while others could benefit from a broader strategic shift. Every business, after all, bears the unique imprint of its owner's values and visions.

Ken's approach to Business Strategy breaks the mold. He understands the skepticism often associated with external consultants. Instead of dictating changes, Ken collaborates, becoming an integral part of the team. His success isn't just derived from his vast experience, but from his unparalleled positivity, unwavering honesty, out-of-the-box thinking, and his remarkable ability to assemble the intricate puzzle pieces of a business challenge, ensuring a harmonious and successful outcome time and time again.

If your business is seeking direction, whether for a comprehensive transformation or targeted enhancements, Ken's expertise might be the compass you need.

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